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To Achieve Optimal Wellness, we begin with the root cause.

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Offering Virtual and In-Office Appointments

For your convenience we are now offering you a choice of in-office or virtual appointments. Some in person visits are also required. During our telemedicine appointment, you will still be able to see your provider, just as if she were standing in front of you in the office so that you’ll still get the same “connection” as if your appointment was in the clinic. Mobile phlebotomy services are also available.

Our partnership with Forum Health

We have joined Forum Health – the first nationwide network of integrative and functional medicine experts. Tthis exclusive partnership provides even greater access to advanced treatments, wellness programs, health content, and a collaborative community of practitioners to help you achieve your health goals. Be on the lookout for new communications, products, services, and events. And we hope you will follow us on Facebook and Instagram for news and health tips!

Gift of Health Gift Cards Now Available!

Doing something to improve someone’s health and wellness is one of the most caring things you can do.
To help make this simple and easy, we've created a series of gift cards, ranging from small to large, that you can gift to a loved one, friend, or anyone you care about.

Begin Your Journey to Optimal Wellness...

"I had resigned myself to believing that this was what 60 and beyond
was going to be like, I was so wrong. I could go on and on about what has changed for the better,
but trust me when I say I truly feel twenty years younger and back to my healthy self again. The staff are all committed to make your journey to your optimal health the best choice you have ever made." - Ann-Marie

We are here to change your quality of Life!



When your hormones lose their natural balance a host of problems can occur. Let us test you for correct hormone balance and prescribe bioidentical hormones that will help you to recover your mental clarity and energy today!



Thyroid imbalance can cause a host of problems including weight gain that does not respond to dieting. This can be very frustrating. We test your thyroid levels and make sure you have the right supplement type and dose.



Strengthening your Immune System and improving overall wellness, through use of testing, tailored nutritional programs, diet, exercise, hormone balancing and lifestyle changes to lower stress, can all increase quality of life.

Nurturing Your Roots

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